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Current DAPL Software and Drivers for 16-Bit Applications for ISA DAP Boards

This download includes the software you need to run your DOS or 16-bit Windows data acquisition application on your ISA DAP board. Each ISA DAP board ships with this software, which includes DAPL. If you need the current version, whether you are upgrading to Windows 95/98 or have mislaid your original disk, download the files here. For instructions on installation and other details, view the README file.

If you have DAP 800, DAP 820, DAP 1200, DAP 1216, DAP 2400, or DAP 2416 boards, you will download the software "DAP Software for PCs, version 4.4" (1.19MB). If you have DAP 3000, DAP 3200, DAP 3216, or DAP 3400 boards, you will download "DAP Software for DAPL 2000" (1.09MB). We strongly recommend running Accel32 with Windows 95 or higher; contact us to order it today.

If you have a PCI DAP board, run a 32-bit application, or use Windows (2003, XP, 2000, or NT) contact us if you think you need a software update. DAPL 2000, version 2.50 is the current version for the PCI DAP boards.

If you have any questions about this file, or difficulties with the download, please e-mail the webmaster.

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