Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Counter/Timer System

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Sample DAP System to Use with Timing Rotating Equipment

rotational and absolute timing icon

View the "Timing for Rotating Equipment" article that describes using this system.

DAP 5000a : data acquisition hardware

MSXB 036 : counter/timer

MSTB 004 : signal termination for MSXB036

MSTB 009 : analog signal termination

MSCBL 006 : 40-line ribbon cable to connect the MSTB004 and MSXB036

MSCBL 040 : 68-line round shielded cable for analog connections

MSCBL 054 : 100-line round shielded cable for digital connections

MSCBL 076 : D PC back panel with digital filter adapter board

DAPstudio development software

sample counter/timer system drawing

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