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Q10003 Matlab software reports missing DLL

Tags: Help, DAP, DAPL, software installation, host applications, Matlab

Applies to: All DAP models and all DAP software, DAPtools for Matlab

When I try to run the example applications for the DAPtools for Matlab software, I get error messages that look something like the following.

'C:\Program Files\Microstar Laboratories\DAPtools\MATLAB\DAPOPEN.DLL':

C:\Program Files\Microstar Laboratories\DAPtools\MATLAB\DAPOPEN.DLL is not a valid Win32 application.

How do I fix this?

Make sure that you have the correct version of DAPtools for MATLAB for your system. Verify that you have unzipped the file in your install folder. Then use one of the following three methods to put the example commands on your MATLAB search path.

  • Use a MATLAB addpath command to add the additional search path when you first start the Matlab environment. For example:
        addpath('C:\ProgramFiles\MicrostarLaboratories\DAPtools\Matlab', path);
  • Add the addpathcommand to the end of your STARTUP.M script. If you do not have this file already, create a new file with this name in the \TOOLBOX\LOCAL\ folder. Then include the following three lines.
        disp('Adding DAPtools for MATLAB to the MATLAB search path');
        addpath(p, path);
  • Use the File | Set Path item in your main menu, and add the new folder name in the dialog window.