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Q10008 Migrating from DAPL 2000 to DAPL 3000

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Applies to: New DAP models

I want to run a new application that is more demanding than what my DAP 5200a can do. An xDAP would be a good solution for the new system, but will it still run my old applications?

You don't need to make any changes to your host operating system; there are no compatibility problems there.

Your xDAP system must be used with DAPcell software from the DAPtools 5.00 release or newer. The new DAPcell software operates at the system level and is fully compatible. Presumably, you will select an xDAP system that has all of the hardware features you need!

The DAPL 3000 system running on the xDAP family is mostly, but not fully, back-compatible with the DAPL 2000 system. Custom command binary modules should all work exactly the same. DAPL 2000 configuration scripts that avoided obsolete back-compatibility notations should run unmodified. For the few cases where they don't run, only minor adjustments are required. There are only a few obscure features that would not port well to DAPL 3000 and were dropped. For most of these, equivalent or better replacements are already present.


DAPL 3000 Manual (PDF)

DAPL 2000/3000 change summary (available on the DAPtools software disk)