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Q10018 C++ application fails to link DAPIO32.LIB

Tags: Help, DAPL, DAPIO32, compiling, applications, C

Applies to: DAPIO32 interface

I'm trying to set up my environment for compiling an old application using a Microsoft C compiler. The application appears to compile successfully, but then I get the message

DAPIO32.LIB : fatal error LNK1136: invalid or corrupt file

What could be causing this?

The DAPIO32.LIB file is needed by the compiler (actually, the linker) to identify the functions available in the DAPIO32.DLL. Because the error message says that the file is invalid, not missing, you seem to have your compiler paths set up correctly.

Most likely, one of two things happened.

  1. The file was damaged when you copied it to set up your current environment.
  2. The file is not the one you think it is. Make sure you did not copy the DAPLI32.LIB file from an incorrect version of the DAPtools software, or that you didn't get an incompatible file by the same name from the support files for the Borland C compiler.