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Q10030 What USB and Ethernet speeds are compatible?

Tags: Help, DAP, xDAP, DAPL, host, systems

Applies to: All DAP models and DAPL versions

I need a multi-DAP system on multiple network nodes. What networking speeds to DAP systems support?

This question is slightly misleading. DAPs use the networking systems of the host. The higher the data transfer rates of these elements, the better for DAP support.

The one exception is the transfer capacity of an xDAP. Even though an xDAP uses PC-class USB drivers for its transfers to the host system, they are pretty good, able to support the maximum transfer rates specified for xDAP. If there are capacity restrictions, they are typically because of the USB 2.0 implementations available on your host computer hardware. If you can't get transfers at the full rated capacity, your choices are either to try different host system hardware or to stay within the limitations of your current hardware.