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Q10033 Using DAP or xDAP at multiple test stations

Tags: Help, DAP, xDAP, DAPL, Industrial Enclosure, connectors, racks, multiple configurations

Applies to: All DAP and xDAP models, accessories, panels, Industrial Enclosures

I have several test stations. Each test station uses a large number of sensors, but the testing and sensors are very different at each location. It is not practical to connect and disconnect all of the sensors to move the DAP from one testing station to the next. But it is too expensive to have a separate DAP system at each test station. Any ideas?

There is another option that is less expensive than placing a DAP system at each location. You can set up an Industrial Enclosure rack at each test location. Each enclosure can contain only the I/O modules needed at that location. All of the wiring for all sensor signals remains permanently connected.

The DAP boards can then be installed in a portable measurement station that is taken from one test location to the next. Cables from the DAP boards attach to the backplane interface connectors on the rack. None of the sensor wiring is affected. Thanks to the high-density cables and the signal multiplexing of the DAP, attaching one cable has the same effect as dozens or hundreds of rewiring operations.

The test procedures are very different at each station, but given the extreme configurability of DAPs, this is not a problem. Just load separate software configurations and applications to use the equipment and procedures appropriate for that station.


See the Signal Interfaces page for information about racks and I/O boards.