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Q10040 Voltage protection limits on SCS inputs

Tags: Help, Hardware, voltage, input, range limits, SCS system, iDSC 1816

Applies to: SCS system, MSSC-8 module, MSXB044 board

What are the input voltage protection limits for the SCS system?

The SCS system (Sensor Signal Conditioning System) inputs are provided by MSSC-8 modules, each of which provides four MSXB044 signal conditioning boards with the actual connector hardware. Conditioned signals are routed from the MSXB044 boards to the inputs of the iDSC 1816 precision anti-aliasing filter and sampling boards.

The input protection on the DC inputs is +/-35V relative to the isolated iDSC/SCS signal ground. This is true both for DC inputs and for AC input peaks.


Tech note TN229 gives information about the SCS input connectors.