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Q10050 MSXB060 and MSXB061 power consumption

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Applies to: MSXB060, MSXB061

What is the power consumption of a MSXB060 or a MSXB061?

The numbers shown below are based on worst-case calculations:

  • MSXB060 - 10.4 mA @ +5V, 8 mA @ +18V, 6.3 mA @ -18V = 0.31 W
  • MSXB061 - 10.4 mA @ +5V, 10 mA @ +18V, 6.6 mA @ -18V = 0.35 W

A PCI DAP board can supply about 2A @ +5V and 20mA @ +/-18V. If the total power consumption of the expansion boards connected exceeds the maximum available from the DAP, external power is required.