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Q10077 Installing downloadable command modules

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Applies to: Downloadable command modules for the DAPL system

I downloaded a command module from the Microstar web site. How do I install it?

There are three ways available for installing command modules.

  • Use the Data Acquisition control panel application. This is the best method for modules that are finished and ready to use, because the DAPcell Server software can remember the module and automatically reload it for you each time you boot your system.

    Go to the Control Panel in your Windows system. Double click the Data Acquisition icon. Near the top of the display, find the Modules tab and click on it. The display will show the modules you have currently installed. Near the lower left, click the Add button. In the dialog box that pops up, select the radio button for the DAPL system version you are using: DAPL 2000 or DAPL 3000 (or both). In the display, click the selection box for each DAP unit to receive a downloaded module copy. Leave the options on the left side as they are. Now click the Browse button in the lower right. Navigate through the Open dialog to locate the downloadable module file (name ending in .DLM) that you want to install. Select it and click the Open button in the lower right. After you are returned to the Adding a module dialog, click the Apply button. You should now see the downloaded module successfully installed and listed in the Modules display.

  • Advanced users and developers who want to use a module without installing it can do that using the MODLOAD utility. This is a command line program that can be invoked by batch files, makefiles and scripts. Make sure that you have installed the Development Software from your DAPtools CD, and that the MODLOAD utility is accessible on your command environment execution path. (If you use the default installation location, the MODLOAD utility is located at C:\Program Files\Microstar Laboratories\DapDev\EXAMPLES\C\MODLOAD\). To run it, start a command console and enter the command line


    where PATH is the complete path to locate the downloadable module, and MODULE is the name of the module you want to install.

    When you use this method, the DAPcell Server does not retain any information about the module, and the module will not be automatically reloaded after a system reboot.

  • For advanced developers who need complete control over which modules are downloaded and when, your software applications can use the DapModuleLoad function of the DAPIO32 programming interface.


For more information about loading modules with the Data Acquisition control panel application, see the MSLACOM.PDF document from your DAPtools Software CD (or downloaded DAPtools installer). To find this, run the setup program, but instead of installing anything, click on the Documentation|PDF selection. In the expanded listing, look for the DAPcell Control Panel Application under "DAPtools Basic".

For information about loading modules under software control, see the DAPIO32 Reference manual.