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Q10081 100-line D connector for digital I/O

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Applies to: PCI DAP, MSCBL076, accessory boards with 100-line D connector

I have a board with a 100-line D-shape connector for digital I/O. How should I connect to it?

Female (receptable, socket) 100-line D connectors are used for digital I/O on some digital expansion boards and digital filter adapter board for PCI DAP boards. They are D-shaped connectors with a double row of pins on 0.050-inch centers. They mate with male (plug) 100-line D connectors on connecting cables.

Related Products and Pinout

  1. MSXB038 - Digital I/O Expansion Board

    The female 100-line connector is used on the following models of the MSXB038 expansion boards, where m and n denote version release and package form, respectively:

    • MSXB038-m-C3Z and MSXB038-m-E3n - 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs

    Figures 1a and 1b show the pinout when connecting to the 100-line D connector on the MSXB038, with the corresponding connections on the male connector on the cable.

  2. MSCBL076 - Digital Filter Adapter Board

    A 100-line D connector is used on the following models of the MSCBL076 for digital I/O with PCI DAP boards, where x denotes the number of D connectors:

    • MSCBL076-x

    The MSCBL076 adapter board connects to the 100-line square digital I/O port on most PCI DAP boards to bring access to the digital I/O to the back of the PC via the 100-line D connector. More than one D connector on a MSCBL076 is needed when connecting multiple expansion boards or industrial enclosures to one DAP. It supports the following PCI DAP boards:

    • DAP 4000a
    • DAP 4200a
    • DAP 5000a
    • DAP 5016a
    • DAP 5200a
    • DAP 5216a

    The pinout of the D connector on the MSCBL076 is the same as that on the MSCBL038. The pinout and the corresponding connections on the male connector on the cable are shown in Figures 1a and 1b above.

Mating Hardware

The 100-line female connector is AMP / Tyco part number 5787362-9. It mates with the following parts for a round shielded cable:

  • Discrete wire male connector - HFM-100A
  • Connector shell - 300102-100BS8
  • Crimp pins - 1016029C-01

The following product from Microstar mates with the female connector:

  • MSCBL054 - 100-line round shielded cable
  • MSCBL055-01K - Discrete wire cable kit including connector and shell

Other related products:


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