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Q10086 Full reinitialization of a DAP board

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Applies to: DAP

How can I fully reinitialize a DAP board in the PC?

The most common reason to reinitialize a DAP board is when an application crashes during development or when it has problem communicating with the board. Rebooting the computer resets the board, but that can be time-consuming if you need to reinitialize more than once during development. There are several better and faster ways to fully retinitialize a DAP board without rebooting the PC. If none of the following works, rebooting the PC is the last resort.

  • System Reload from Control Panel

    1. Go to Control Panel | Data Acquisition Processor | Modules.
    2. Select DAPL system under 'Installed Modules' and click on 'Reload' with the 'Force' option. This should reinstall and restart the DAPL system on the board.
    3. Click on 'Close' to exit.
  • Full Reload from Application

    1. If you are running a PC program that uses the DAPIO32 functions, call DapReinitialize. See the DAPIO32 Reference Manual.
    2. If you do not want to add a call to DapReinitialize in your PC program, you can call DINIT32 at a command prompt. It calls DapReinitialize on the target DAP. The DINIT32 executable is part of the DAP Development Software included on all DAPtools CDs. After DAP Development Software is installed, the executable can be found in \Examples\C\DINIT32 under the installed directory. Run 'DINIT32 -?' at a command prompt for the syntax.
  • Restart DAPcell

    If neither of the above works, stop and restart the DAPcell service by doing the following:

    1. Go to Control Panel | Data Acquisition Processor | Control.
    2. Under 'Service Status', click 'Stop' to stop the DAPcell service.
    3. Click 'Start' to restart the service.
    4. Click on 'Close' to exit.