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Q10091 DB15 for analog I/O

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Applies to: MSXB044, MSSC, SCS, accessory boards with DB15 connector

I have a board with a DB15 connector for I/O. How should I connect to it?

Female (receptable, socket) DB15 connectors are used primarily for analog inputs on the signal conditioning boards for the iDSC. They are subminiature D connectors with 15 pins in two rows. They mate with male (plug) DB15 connectors on connecting cables.

Related Products and Pinout

  1. MSXB044 - Signal Conditioning Boards

    The female DB15 connector is used on the following models of the MSXB044:

    • MSXB044-02-E2J - signal conditioning for 2 channels

    The MSXB044 boards are normally packaged as part of the signal conditioning system, SCS, for the iDSC. Details on connecting inputs to the MSXB044 board can be found in Technical note TN-229.


Technical note TN-229

SCS system

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