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Q10095 2-pin header for analog outputs

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Applies to: SI modules that include analog outputs on 2-pin keyed connectors

I have a board with a 2-pin keyed Molex header for analog outputs. How should I connect to it?

A 2-pin SIP (Molex) header is used primarily for analog outputs on some signal interface (SI) modules. The header is keyed with a 0.10" (2.54mm) spacing. It mates with female (receptable, socket) 2-pin connector on a connecting cable.

Related Products and Pinout

  1. MSXB075/MSXB076 - Isolated Analog Output Modules

    2-pin Molex headers are used for analog outputs on the following models of MSXB075 and MSXB076. The models have a front panel with BNC connectors connected to the 2-pin headers.

    • MSXB075-01-E3E-B - four 16-bit isolated analog outputs
    • MSXB076-01-E3E8-B - eight 16-bit isolated analog outputs

    Figures 1a and 1b show the pinout of the 2-pin connector on the output modules and the mating connector on the cable.

Mating Hardware

The 2-pin SIP connectors on the expansion boards are Molex part 22-11-2022, or equivalent. They mate with the following parts from Molex for a discrete wire cable:

  • 2-pin connector shell - 22-01-3027
  • Crimp pins - 08-50-0114, 22-30 AWG

Many other connector manufacturers make compatible mating connectors. Manufacturer representatives can generally find mating parts based on the Molex part numbers.


MSXB075/MSXB076 Manual

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