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Q10117 Custom command fails to compile after compiler upgrade

Tags: Help, Custom command, development, upgrades, C++ compiler, 64-bit

Applies to: DAPtools Professional software 6.2 and later, DAPL 2000, most PCI-bus DAP boards, Developer's Toolkit for DAPL, DTD, Microsoft Visual Studio 12 and later

I moved my DAP system into a new Windows 64-bit system that has Microsoft Visual Studio 12 for compiling 64-bit software. My custom processing code seems to compile and load fine. But when I run it on my DAP 5216a board, the DAPL system terminates with an ERROR 2203 message — something about an instruction fault. Everything worked fine when I compiled it in the past on my old system. What happened?

The Developer's Toolkit for DAPL (DTD) version 5.21 supports through Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for use on DAPL 2000 systems. While not officially supported, the DTD 5.21 largely works with Visual Studio 2010. In Microsoft's Visual Studio compiler suites starting with version 12, they dropped support for a number of compiler switches that the DTD uses to configure code generation for the processors used on PCI-bus DAP boards.

In addition, they have made breaking changes to the RTL in each newer version of Visual Studio.

The solution: The next release of the DTD, version 5.30, will support through Visual Studio 2017 for development of DAPL Command Modules for DAPL 2000. DTD version 5.30 is in beta testing. Until release of DTD 5.30, you will need to use a compiler from Visual Studio 2008 or earlier.