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Q10126 Dimensions of SBE end panels

Tags: Help, expansion board, termination

Applies to: Single Board Enclosure (SBE) expansion boards

I need to manufacture my own end panel for a Single Board Enclosure (SBE) accessory product. What are the correct dimensions for the panel and its mounting holes?

See the drawing for MSLID004-01, the blank SBE end panel.

See the slot position drawing for slot sizes and positions relative to the SBE end panel attachment holes.

SBE products are enclosed in one of the available MSXExxx enclosure models. All have the same end profile, but the different models have different lengths. The following table shows all MSXExxx models and their dimensions. Length dimension does not include any connectors that may protrude from the panel.

Model Length Width Height Description
Raw extrusion With Panel
MSXE001 180.3mm 182.0mm 105mm 87mm Outside dimensions
MSXE002 241.3mm 242.9mm 105mm 87mm Outside dimensions
MSXE003 225.0mm 226.7mm 105mm 87mm Outside dimensions
MSXE004 198.1mm 199.7mm 105mm 87mm Outside dimensions
MSXE005 304.8mm 306.4mm 105mm 87mm Outside dimensions
MSXE006 227.1mm 228.7mm 105mm 87mm Outside dimensions

You can determine which MSXExxx model your SBE enclosed product uses by determining its length with a ruler and then finding the closest match in the table above. Alternatively, you may contact your sales representative to ask which MSXExxx model a specific product uses.