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Q10110 IDE-base builds for custom-developed DAPL commands

Tags: Help, Windows 7, Windows 8, Visual C++, Visual Studio, IDE, compiler, custom commands

Applies to: Custom command development in Windows GUI, MSVS 8

My shop uses the Microsoft Visual Studio [1] tools for almost all software development. Is it possible to build custom command modules in that environment?

Yes it is possible, but it takes some work to set it up initially. The requirements to build for the Windows host environment and to build for the DAPL embedded environment are considerably different. You can find full details in the setup guide [2] linked at the end of this note.



[1] Visual Studio, Visual C++, and Windows are products from the Microsoft Corporation.

[2] Details about how to configure the IDE environment are provided in the mini-guidebook DTD-IDE-setup.pdf from this site.