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Q10049 5-pin clock/trigger connector

Tags: Help, DAP, MSXB018, MSXB027

Applies to: a-Series DAP boards and accessory models that include clocking and triggering inputs on a 5-pin keyed connector

I have a board with a 5-pin keyed Molex connector for clocking input. How should I connect to it?

A 5-pin SIP (Molex) connector is used primarily for clock and trigger input on a-series DAP boards and some accessory boards. The connector is keyed with a 0.1" spacing. It mates with female (receptable, socket) 5-pin connector on a connecting cable.

Related Products and Pinout

  1. Data Acquisition Processor boards

    The 5-pin Molex connector is used on all a-series DAP boards that support outputs. The connector is J15 on the following boards:

    • DAP 840
    • DAP 4000a
    • DAP 4200a
    • DAP 5000a
    • DAP 5016a
    • DAP 5200a
    • DAP 5216a

    Figures 1a and 1b show the pinout of the 5-pin connector on the DAP boards and the mating connector on the cable.

  2. MSXB018 - Analog Input Expansion Board

    The MSXB018 has two 5-pin Molex connectors - one for input clock and trigger and the other for output clock and trigger. The connector for output clock and trigger on the MSXB018 is J8. Its pinout and that of the mating connector are the same as those for the DAP board, as shown in Figures 1a and 1b. Figures 2a and 2b show the pinout for the input clock and trigger.

  3. MSXB027 - Analog Input Expansion Board for 5B Modules

    The MSXB027 has one 5-pin Molex connector for trigger and clock for both input and output. Figures 3a and 3b show the pinout for the J18 connector on the MSXB027 board and the mating connector on the cable.

Mating Hardware

Most keyed 0.1"-spaced 5-pin SIP connectors on the expansion boards are Molex part 22-23-2051, or equivalent. They mate with the following parts from Molex for a discrete wire cable:

  • 5-pin connector - 22-01-3057
  • Crimp pins - 08-50-0114, 22-30 AWG

Many other connector manufacturers make compatible mating connectors. Manufacturer representatives can generally find mating parts based on the Molex part numbers.

In addition to use on a-Series accessories these keyed connectors are also used on DAP boards for board to board synchronization and output clocking and triggering signals.


MSXB018 Manual

MSXB027 Manual

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