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DAPtools 6.30 Data Acquisition Software Released

DAPtools 6.30 software improves Data Acquisition Processor integration on a Windows 10 system. Snake, penguin images: Julien Tromeur/ Microstar Laboratories announces DAPtools version 6.30 for its line of Data Acquisition Processor products. Though primarily intended for improved compatibility with Windows 10, the new DAPtools Software also provides some significant new features. Among these are: noninvasive monitoring of host-to-DAP board communications, more control over numerical representations in embedded calculations, multi-channel digital filtering capabilities, new advanced processing modules for data-driven synchronization, and updated support for MATLAB and Python software environments.

New Data Acquisition Support for Python

DAPtools for Python integrates the flexibility of Python with the real-time rigor of DAPL. Snake image: Julien Tromeur/ The DAPtools for Python API module from Microstar Laboratories extends capabilities previously accessible in C, C++, C#, Basic, and other programming environments, so that data acquisition applications operating under strict time constraints can be developed using the Python language. It is supplied as part of the DAPtools Basic Software that is provided with each DAP or xDAP product. This combines the best of worlds, the regularity and precision of DAP systems, with the software flexibility of the Python environment.

Multi-Channel Filtering

DAPtools software, for xDAP data acquisition systems, incorporates extensions that support digital filtering on multiple channels in parallel using a single configured task. This allows transfer of digitally filtered, completely preprocessed data directly to application software, without the need for any additional software libraries or environments. This software is provided with each new xDAP system; upgrades also are available for existing users.

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