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DAPstudio 3.02 is the current version – and the current download. Take a look at what is new in version 3.

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You can use every feature of the program in your evaluation. For some features, the program asks you to click on a Purchase DAPstudio link. This link takes you to our Web site. On returning, you then can continue with your work from where you left it. Clicking on the link does not commit you to purchase a copy of the program. The evaluation copy of the program takes you to our Web site no more than once each time you run it.

You can try DAP Measurement Studio (DAPstudio) without a DAP board installed. When you want to use the software with a DAP, note that DAPstudio 3.00 supports all PCI DAP boards, including iDSC 1816, when they are installed under current versions of Windows.