Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) Boards

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Select the data acquisition option that meets your needs

USB Data Acquisition Systems

xDAP 7420

xDAP7420 - high-speed sampling with USB connectivity

The xDAP line of Data Acquisition Processor systems combines high performance analog interface with a speed-optimized USB host connection. Each xDAP has onboard storage for a minute of buffered data at maximum rates and autonomous sampling is controlled by a 2 GHz Intel processor. xDAP 7420 doubles the maximum per-channel sampling speed to 2M samples per second.

xDAP 7410

xDAP7410 - high-speed sampling with USB connectivity

xDAP 7410 is an EU-qualified model that features an aggregate 8M samples per second with high-speed simultaneous sampling and new input options.

xDAP 7400

xDAP7400 - high-speed sampling with USB connectivity

Each xDAP 7400 includes a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter running at 1 million samples per second on each of 8 channels simultaneously, for a throughput of 8 million samples per second.

PCI Data Acquisition Boards

DAP 5400a

DAP5400a - keep up with high-speed sample and hold

The DAP 5400a model, a board optimized for simultaneous sampling at extreme speeds, has eight A/D converters that sample simultaneously with 14-bit resolution at 1.25M samples per second each, for a total throughput of 10 million samples per second. Or for higher speeds per channel, each board can sample each of 4 channels at 2M samples per second. The 128 MB onboard memory more than keeps up with the high sampling rate.

DAP 5380a

DAP5380a - high-speed sample and hold

The DAP 5380a model – suitable for transient recorder applications – has eight A/D converters capable of high-speed simultaneous sampling at an overall throughput of 5 million samples per second. The DAP 5380a is capable of high speed data transfers to the host PC.

DAP 5216a

DAP5216a with 16-bit resolution

The DAP 5216a model adds 16-bit resolution to the capabilities of the DAP 5200a line.

DAP 5200a

DAP5200a with real-time processing power

The DAP 5200a model brings many real-time data acquisition and control applications within the scope of Windows systems. Its onboard 400 MHz processor provides real-time processing power for functions including smoothing, filtering, FFT, PID control, and responding to alarm conditions. The DAP 5200a also can scan high-speed data for trigger events in real time to capture pre-trigger as well as post-trigger data.

iDSC 1816

iDSC1816 for 16-bit simultaneous sampling with anti-alias filtering

The iDSC 1816 board combines 16-bit resolution on eight simultaneous channels of data acquisition with brick-wall anti-alias filters on each channel. The board applies 8 onboard first-stage analog filters to its 8 simultaneous inputs, followed by digital filtering on two DSP chips, and this provides 96dB (sixteenth bit) stopband rejection within one quarter-octave. Performance like this really matters in sonar and in other spectral analysis applications: monitoring vibrating and rotating assemblies in the automotive, aerospace, and power generation industries, for example.

DAP 5016a

DAP5016a with 16-bit resolution

The DAP 5016a model adds 16-bit resolution to the capabilities of the DAP 5000a line.

DAP 5000a

DAP5000a for on time control response

When your application needs Pentium-powered real-time processing under Windows, choose the DAP 5000a. Even at maximum sampling rates, the combination of a fast processor with low latency allows computation in real time between samples – and on-time response for control applications. The DAP 5000a can acquire 14-bit data at up to 800k samples per second, and can convert 833k values per second on each of the two onboard analog outputs.

DAP 4000a

DAP4000a for moderate real-time processing

Use the DAP 4000a in applications that require moderate real-time processing.

DAP 840

DAP840 for light real-time processing

The DAP 840 has all of the features needed for an entry-level data acquisition or control application with light real-time processing, and provides all of the benefits of onboard intelligence.