Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Data Acquisition with Built-In Filters

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iDSC 1816: Perfect filters for your high resolution applications

lowpass filter
Onscreen sliders let you customize the filter on each channel. DSCview displays the characteristics curve in real time: like this one of a typical lowpass filter.

bandpass filter
A typical bandpass filter as displayed in DSCview

16-bit data acquisition

8 simultaneous inputs

Multiple sampling rates


Linear phase response

Guaranteed anti-aliasing

User-specified filters

Channel-by-channel cutoffs

View the iDSC 1816 Specifications.

Or read about the Sensor Signal-Conditioning System that works with the iDSC 1816.

Now you can try DSCview, the filter software shown here.

The DSCview Demo provides a demonstration version of the filter design software included with every iDSC 1816 board. The demonstration version allows experimentation with the filter design capabilities and shows the three display options.