Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

MSCBL112-01: 62-line Digital Cable Adapter Panel

Technical Note TN-247 Version 1.0

The Microstar Laboratories 62-line Digital Cable Adapter Panel, part number MSCBL112-01, is compatible with all PCI a-Series Data Acquisition Processor boards. The MSCBL112-01 brings the Data Acquisition Processor board's digital input/output port out to the back panel of the host computer. One end of the panel connects to the digital input/output port while the other end has a 62-pin shielded female connector secured to a mounting bracket. The shielded connector on the mounting bracket mates with the Microstar Laboratories cable kit MSCBL109-01K.

line drawing

Before installing the Data Acquisition Processor board and MSCBL112-01, make sure you are properly grounded. Also, make sure that power to the host computer is off.

To install the MSCBL112-01:

  1. Connect the end of the 100-line ribbon cable to the digital input/output port of the Data Acquisition Processor. The connector is keyed to make connection easy.
  2. Insert both the Data Acquisition Processor and Digital Adapter Panel into the computer.
  3. Fasten the back panel screws of the Data Acquisition Processor into the computer, and fasten the Digital Adapter Panel into the adjacent slot of the computer.

The pinout for this 62-pin connector is identical to the Microstar Laboratories expansion board, MSXB038-11.

One option for the MSCBL112-01 is a voltage divider with ratio of one tenth. This allows users to input voltage ranges up to 50 Volts. Please contact Microstar Laboratories for this option and for information on how to design large systems using the MSCBL112-01 or use an MSCBL112-01 with a non a-Series Data Acquisition Processor.


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