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DAPserver Test Instruments: put your DAP system together in one package

DAP Measurement Studio: develop and run complete PC-based data acquisition systems quickly and easily: configure your channels, add processing, then run your application.

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xDAP Data Acquisition Systems

xDAP 7420

xDAP 7410

xDAP 7400

DAP Data Acquisition BoardsOpen a Table of Specifications

DAP 5400a

DAP 5380a

DAP 5216a

DAP 5200a

DAP 5016a

DAP 5000a

DAP 4000a

DAP 840

iDSC 1816

If you do not see your DAP board on this list, it is a Legacy product – or older. "Parts for Older Systems," shown below, includes links to information and manuals for some of these products.

To update your system, use one of the current options. For the best fit, ask us which board is right for your application.


iDSC 1816


MSXB 067

MSXB 065

MSXB 048


DAP Measurement Studio

Custom Commands

Download Upgrades

DAPtools Basic CD (comes with each DAP board purchase and includes Accel32)

DAPtools Standard CD (add filter generation software, support for 3rd party software)

DAPtools Professional CD (add remote access software, custom command development)

Channel ArchitectureOpen a Table of Specifications

simple termination

MSXB 042
for iDSC

MSTB 011
Analog, DB-37 Connector

MSTB 010
for DAP 840

MSTB 009

MSTB 008

simple multiplexing

MSXB 060, MSXB 061
Differential Analog Input

MSXB 056
16-Bit Analog Output

MSXB 038

MSXB 037
Analog Input

anti-alias filtering

MSXB 048
Filtered Analog Input Expansion

simultaneous sampling

MSXB 028
Simultaneous Sampling

isolation –

MSXB 082
High-Speed Analog Input Isolation

MSXB 080
Analog Input Isolation

MSXB 076
Analog Output Isolation

MSXB 075
Analog Output Isolation

MSXB 081
4-20 mA Current Loop Input Isolation

MSXB 074
4-20 mA Output Isolation

isolation – channel-to-PC

MSXB 085
Analog Isolation

MSXB 084
Analog Input Isolation

MSXB 078
Digital Isolation


MSXB 086
4-20 mA Input Isolation

isolation – channel-to-PC

MSXB 039
Digital Opto-Isolation

MSXB 027
5B Analog Isolation


MSXB 036


MSXB 050
Quadrature Decoder

signal conditioning

MSXB 067
For Resistive Sensors with Filtering

MSXB 066
For Resistive Sensors

MSXB 065
For Voltage Inputs with Filtering

MSXB 064
For Voltage Inputs


Desktop Systems

Rack-Mount Enclosures

DAPserver Test Instruments

Regarding Technical Notes

Some technical notes are available for Obsolete or Obsolescent products. Most technical notes refer to the current a-Series of DAP boards, rather than the previous e-Series boards. The information in the technical notes is still correct, however, regardless of the "a" or "e" designation. a-Series boards originally were designed to comply with the EMC regulations instituted in the European Union. Although limited changes were made to ensure that the boards would comply, the functionality of the boards remained the same. If you have any additional questions regarding changes made in the move to a-Series boards, contact the Application Engineering group.

Parts for Older Systems

Note that the ISA DAP boards are now Obsolete. These boards may not work with operating systems including – and newer than – Windows XP. We cannot offer support for ISA boards, because current PC specifications do not include ISA support.

Our applications engineering group has assisted many customers to move to newer technology while retaining their investment in legacy systems. Contact us and we will help you select the components you need to rapidly upgrade your application to a newer DAP board with minimal development work.

Alternately, if you are ready for a larger upgrade, but need extra resources to do that, we can assist you with your new development. Our systems group can provide support ranging from one day to give you the assistance you need to get started, up to a full implementation of your new system. Contact our sales department to discuss your options.

Obsolete PCI DAP boards

DAP 4400a

DAP 4200a

Obsolete ISA DAP boards

DAP 3216a

DAP 3200a

DAP 3000a

DAP 1216a

DAP 1200a

DAP 820

Older cards for Channel Architecture

MSXB 032
Analog Output

MSXB 013:
Digital Expansion

MSXB 014:
Analog Output Expansion

MSXB 016:
Digital Opto-Isolation

MSXB 018:
Analog Input Expansion

MSXB 022:
16-bit Analog Expansion

MSXB 024:
Analog Input Expansion/Termination for DAP 820

Legacy Software

DAPview for Windows

FGen 1

DAPtools OCX

Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) boards meet the European EMC Directive.