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What Happens When You Call

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Talk directly with our engineers: 1 888 678-2752

taking your call

When you call us to talk about your application, we connect you with an application engineer. If we cannot do that right away, we make arrangements to call you back – at a time convenient to you – so that you can discuss your application with an engineer.

Our application engineers not only know our products well, they also have practical experience in putting them to use in applications like yours. The engineer who talks to you is the same person who provides system integration services to someone else – and maybe to you, if you decide to go that route.

Because engineers talking to first-time callers like you may themselves end up with the responsibility for the success of an application, they are strongly motivated to prepare a firm foundation for that success. They will ask you all the right questions until they – and you – are satisfied that they know all they need to know to configure the right system for you.

There is only one thing you have to do to start the process. Make the call: 1 888 678-2752 (US/Canada). Or call one of our international distributors.