Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Rack-Mount Enclosures

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Robust termination and packaging for large-scale systems

Industrial Enclosure with connector cables to DAP

compact termination and accessory board packaging

connector panels for multi-channel applications

half-width and full-width models

shielded for highest signal quality

Industrial enclosures provide dense packaging for systems with many signals or with multiple isolation, counter, or sensor interface boards. Rack-mount enclosure options include full-size 19-inch and also half-size models.

half-size industrial enclosure

On the rear panel, shielded cables mate with shielded connectors to bring clean signals inside to termination and accessory boards. Shielding is maintained all the way through to the converters on the Data Acquisition Processor boards. Systems using grounded industrial enclosures and shielded cables will comply with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC.

Industrial enclosures use an analog or digital backplane to collect signals from the accessory or termination Eurocards while preserving signal quality. The type of backplane is indicated by a Eurocard part number suffix indicating analog or digital. Shielded cables then connect the backplane to the Data Acquisition Processor boards on the host bus.

full-size industrial enclosure

The backplane comes pre-installed with the rack 1. Interface boards connecting the backplane to the rear connector panel occupy two of the mounting slots, leaving 20 available slots for boards and connector panels on full-size models, or 9 slots on half-size models. Full-size racks can also be configured with a split backplane, so that the full rack is the equivalent of an analog half-rack and a digital half-rack, each with 9 available mounting slots, within one package.

All other Eurocard termination and accessory cards for channel architecture are ordered separately. For systems with specialized connector, cabling, and termination requirements, you can mount other standard form factor boards in the shielded rack.

two industrial enclosures daisy-chained together

For very high-channel-count applications, multiple industrial enclosures can be cabled together to make one connected system.

Available Industrial Enclosure options include

  • MSIE 001-01: Half-size industrial enclosure with an analog backplane and interface
  • MSIE 002-08: Full-size industrial enclosure with a full-size analog backplane and interface
  • MSIE 010-08: Full-size industrial enclosure with two half-size analog backplanes and interface
  • MSIE 003-01: Half-size industrial enclosure with a digital backplane and interface
  • MSIE 004-08: Full-size industrial enclosure with a full-size digital backplane and interface
  • MSIE 011-08: Full-size industrial enclosure with two half-size digital backplanes and interface
  • MSIE 012-08: Full-size industrial enclosure with one half-size analog backplane (on the right side) and one half-size digital backplane (on the left side), both with interfaces
  • MSIE 009-08: Full-size industrial enclosure with no backplane or interface board

Other options are available. Please contact Microstar Laboratories for more information.

1 Note: Customers wanting to build their own Eurocard enclosures for Microstar Laboratories Eurocards or boards of their own design can buy analog or digital backplanes, and analog or digital interface boards, as separate items. The Eurocard part number suffixes for these interface boards do not follow the usual suffix conventions. Contact Microstar Laboratories for more information.