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The DAP 3216a is now Obsolete. For higher performance at a lower cost, upgrade your system for one of the PCI-bus DAP boards: the DAP 5216a.

If you need spare parts for a DAP 3216a system, compatible items are available.

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The DAP 3216a is one of the highest-performance ISA Data Acquisition Processors produced by Microstar Laboratories. The DAP 3216a is an excellent choice for applications requiring concurrent real-time processing and data sampling, and for applications requiring 16-bit resolution.

There is only one DAP 3216a model: the DAP 3216a/415.

Features of the DAP 3216a:

  • Intel i486DX4 processor onboard
  • 16-bit resolution analog inputs and outputs
  • 4MB of DRAM onboard memory
  • High end of the a-Series Data Acquisition Processor boards
  • Compatible with other a-Series boards
  • Uses a PCI bus for PC-based platforms
  • Transfers data to the PC at high rates--up to 909k samples per second
  • Allows fast real-time processing
  • Offers low latency -- 0.2 ms task time quantum -- for fast response
  • Offers sampling period resolution to 100 ns
  • Onboard DSP routines
  • Samples or updates the digital section at up to 1.66 million values per second
  • Samples analog inputs at up to 200k samples per second
  • Updates analog outputs at up to 500k samples per second each
  • Expandable analog and digital inputs/outputs

The i486 also gives the DAP 3216a low latency: down to a 0.2 ms task time quantum. This means that when low latency mode is enabled, a single task will run for no more than 0.2 ms before DAPL (the onboard multi-tasking operating system) switches to another task. This is crucial for process control applications where data must be responded to as quickly as possible.

In addition to high performance processing, the DAP3216a provides the standard arrangement of complete analog/digital input and output sections. The analog and digital sections are completely expandable -- see the table below for complete specifications.

DAP 3216a/415 Specifications

General Specifications
Dimensions : 13.33 inches x 4.8 inches
Weightv13.3 oz
Power requirements : +5V, 3.0 Amps
Operating temperature : 0-50 degrees Celsius
Accuracy of crystal clocks : 50 parts per million
Type of A/D converter : Successive Approximation

Analog Inputs : 16
Expandable to : 512
Voltage Ranges : -5 to +5 volts, -10 to +10 volts
Samples per second* : 200 Ksamples/s
Time increment (nanoseconds) : 100
Maximum Gain** : 500
ADC Resolution (bits) : 16
Digital Inputs (synchronous) : 16
Expandable to : 128
Samples (x 1000) per second : 1666

Analog Outputs : 2
Expandable to : 66
Voltage Ranges : -5 to +5 volts, -10 to +10 volts
Updates (x1000) per second per onboard channel : 500
DAC Resolution (bits) : 16
Digital Outputs : 16
Expandable to : 1024
Updates (x1000) per second : 1666

Type : Intel i486DX4
Clock Speed : 96 MHz
Onboard Operating System : DAPL 2000
RAM : 4 Mbytes

PC Interface Specifications
PC Interface : dual 1 Kbytes biFIFO buffers
PC transfer mode : I/O Interrupt
Bus support : AT ISA
Samples (x1000) transferred per second*** : 909

DSP Specifications
Onboard DSP emulation : yes

* Crystal-controlled, with 16-bit A/D resolution
** Top sampling speeds are available only with gain=1. Gains of 10, 100, and 500 are also available.
*** Benchmarked rates vary with PC platform.

Obtain additional information from Technical Note 107: Technical Product Information for the DAP 3216a (46K PDF file).

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