Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Features of Data Acquisition Processor Boards

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Simultaneous High-Speed Input and Output

Data Acquisition Processors can provide continuous, gap-free input and output at the same time. The input and output speeds are individually selectable by software. (Output not available on the xDAP series, DAP 5400a, or DAP 5380a.)

Software Selectable Acquisition Front End

Channel numbers and gains, and the choice between single-ended and differential inputs, are programmable. Each setting can be changed channel-by-channel. The DAP 5400a and DAP 5380a allow only unity gain and single-ended inputs.

Intelligent Expansion Control

Each of the Data Acquisition Processors automatically generates external expansion control signals; the PC is not involved. Any channel is simply referred to by number. There is no load on the PC, even at maximum speed.

Flexible Output Updating

High-speed synchronous updates and fast-response asynchronous updates are both available. Both onboard analog outputs can also be updated concurrently. Synchronous outputs can be configured to run continuously, to stop after a set number of updates, or to send output data in predefined bursts.

Hardware Clocks and Triggers

All Data Acquisition Processors use a low-jitter, fine-granularity internal clock for time sampling and updating purposes. External clocks and external triggering also are supported.

The clocks control the precise time and rate of each sample or update, and the trigger initiates sampling. The clocks and trigger are TTL compatible. Onboard circuitry protects against signals that violate timing requirements. Channel List Clocking allows all input channels to be acquired on a single external clock edge.

Synchronization of Several DAPs

Onboard circuitry and a synchronization connector support up to fourteen Data Acquisition Processors running in the same PC. Any mix of DAP models is allowed. A software-selectable master DAP provides a sampling or an update clock to software-selectable slave DAPs.

USB PC Interface

The xDAP boards for the USB bus use a speed-optimized USB 2.0 host connection for full-speed data transfer to the PC. Recent tests have confirmed not only continuous transfer to a PC at the full sample rate but also continuous disk-logging of the data.

PCI PC Interface

The DAP boards for the PCI bus use DMA bus-mastering for high-speed data transfer to the PC.