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DAP 1216a


The DAP 1216a is now Obsolete. For higher performance, upgrade your system for one of the PCI-bus DAP boards: the DAP 5216a.

If you need spare parts for a DAP 1216a system, compatible items are available.

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The DAP 1216a Data Acquisition Processor boards combines high resolution analog data acquisition and intelligent processing. The DAP 1216a has the complete input/output and processing power of its 12-bit DAP 1200a counterpart. However, the DAP1216a acquires analog data with 16-bit resolution. It provides software-selectable sampling rates of up to 100K samples per second.

DAP 1216a/6 Specifications

Analog Inputs : 16
Expandable to : 512
Voltage Ranges : -5 to +5 volts, -10 to +10 volts
Samples(x 1000) per second* : 100
Time increment (nanoseconds) : 250
Maximum Gain** : 500
ADC Resolution (bits) : 16
Digital Inputs (synchronous) : 16
Expandable to : 128
Samples (x 1000) per second : 166

Analog Outputs : 2
Exapandable to : 66
Voltage Ranges : -5 to +5 volts, -10 to +10 volts
Updates (x1000) per second per onboard channel : 166
DAC Resolution (bits) : 16
Digital Outputs : 16
Expandable to : 1024
Updates (x1000) per second : 166

80C186XL-Clock Speed(MHz) : 20
Onboard Operating System : DAPL
RAM (Kbytes) : 1024

PC Interface Specifications
PC Interface : Dual 1024-byte high-speed FIFO
Buffers : 2
Samples (x1000) transferred per second*** : 166

Onboard emulation : yes

* Crystal-controlled, with 16-bit A/D resolution.
** Top sampling speeds are available only with gain=1. Gains of 10, 100, and 500 are also available.
*** Benchmarked rates vary with PC platform.

Obtain additional information from Technical Note 168: 16-bit DAP Specifications (25K PDF file).

Note: The DAP 2416a/6 model still may be ordered by special request. However, the DAP 3216a provides a better value. DSP routines run on both the DAP 2416a and the DAP 3216a. On the DAP 2416a, DAPL passes these routines to the onboard DSP coprocessor for execution; on the DAP 3216a, DAPL 2000 -- the 32-bit implementation of DAPL -- executes DSP routines as optimized 32-bit code on the onboard DX4 processor. With this approach, the DAP 3216a outperforms the DAP 2416a on DSP commands as well as on non-DSP commands, and is a better value -- even for DSP-intensive applications.

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