Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

High-Density Data Acquisition at US$25 per Differential Input

Average Cost US$25 and Marginal (Variable)/Incremental Cost US$10

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Bellevue, WA, May 31, 2005 -- Microstar Laboratories, Inc., maker of Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) boards, has announced a low-cost, high-density data acquisition system for applications with high channel counts. A typical system with 256 differential inputs sells for US$5995 - not including the cost of sensors and a PC. The low average cost per channel - under US$25 - mostly derives from the new 64-channel MSXB 061 Eurocard. This provides 64 differential inputs on a single board compatible with the proven channel architecture used by Microstar Laboratories. Each MSXB 061 costs only US$635 - less than US$10 per channel. The US$5995 system price includes four MSXB 061 boards housed in a US$940 industrial enclosure (half-size), MSIE 001-01, connected to a DAP 4000a/212 Data Acquisition Processor board installed in a PC provided by the customer.

Channel Architecture

A half-size analog backplane and a half-size digital backplane may share a single full-size enclosure. So a single DAP board installed in a PC can acquire data from 256 differential inputs and in addition can handle up to 64 analog outputs, or up to 128 digital inputs, or more than 128 digital outputs on other Eurocards housed in the same 19-inch rack-mounted enclosure. A single DAP board can control all of these additional options together, although that would require more than one 19-inch rack-mounted enclosure to hold all the necessary Eurocards. For more on the channel architecture used by Microstar Laboratories, go to the Channel Architecture section under Products.

You can order the MSXB 061 today, for immediate shipment. For systems that require 32 or fewer differential inputs, order the MSXB 060 at US$395 - also for immediate shipment. Both boards use widely available D-style cable connectors for signal inputs.

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The MSXB 061 provides 64 differential inputs at a low per-channel cost. This system includes 4 MSXB 061 boards in a half-size enclosure connected to a DAP board: 256 channels of differential input, in a single package.

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