Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

12-Bit Analog Output Expansion Board: MSXB 032

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For all new systems, use one of the following instead

  • MSXB 076 (Channel-to-Channel Isolated 16-Bit Analog Output Signal Interface Modules, Eight Channels)
  • MSXB 075 (Channel-to-Channel Isolated 16-Bit Analog Output Signal Interface Modules, Four Channels)
  • MSXB 056 (16-Bit Analog Output Expansion Boards)

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DAP 5216a

DAP 5200a

DAP 5016a

DAP 5000a

DAP 4000a

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Technical Note 193

The MSXB 032 Analog Output Expansion Board converts digital inputs from a Data Acquisition Processor into four separate analog outputs. Up to 16 Analog Output Expansion Boards can be connected to a Data Acquisition Processor for a maximum expansion of 64 analog output channels. The MSXB 032 is compatible with Microstar Laboratories Industrial Enclosures.

The Analog Output Expansion Board connects to the Data Acquisition Processor's digital connector. If digital input/output is needed in addition to analog output expansion, a Digital Expansion Board is required.

There are several cabling options for the MSXB 032 Analog Output Expansion Board. The MSXB 032 may be connected to a DAP using various 100-line cabling options, or can be installed into a Digital Backplane.

Bare Board Options

  • MSXB032-05-C3Z: Wago terminals
  • MSXB032-06-C3Z: screw terminals

Single-Board Enclosure Options

  • MSXB032-05-C3C-B: Wago terminals, enclosed, 20 insulated BNC termination panel
  • MSXB032-05-C3Y: Wago terminals, enclosed, blank termination panel

Industrial Enclosure Compatible Options

  • MSXB032-05-E3E-B: Wago terminals, 4 insulated BNC termination panel
  • MSXB032-05-E3Y: Wago terminals, blank termination panel