Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

19-Inch Industrial Racks

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Keep it simple ...with standard packaging

External Expansion

All expansion hardware packages fit in 19-inch industrial racks. The hardware design follows a consistent channel architecture: signal connectors on 3U Eurocards; backplane connectors on every Eurocard; backplanes in all rack-mountable enclosures – and each of these fits in a standard 19-inch industrial rack.

full-size enclosure
  • consistent architecture
  • simple hardware design
  • compact Eurocards
  • standard packaging

Each Eurocard has signal connectors at one end and a backplane connector at the other. Each Eurocard mounts in a vertical slot, side-by-side with up to 19 others, in a backplane-equipped industrial enclosure with handles and mounting hardware for 19-inch industrial racks. Each enclosure contains a factory-installed interface board that connects to a DAP board in a PC – or that connects to other industrial enclosures in a daisy chain.