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DAPL 3000 System

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DAPL 3000 – Platform for next-generation data acquisition

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DAPL 3000 is of course the software system that runs the new xDAP family of data acquisition processor systems. But it is more than that. It expands upon its predecessor, DAPL 2000, along many dimensions.

Data density. A new pipe and communication system boosts transfer rates to 8 million samples per second through a USB interface.

Response. Redesigned event-driven system scheduling provides a side benefit of shorter and more predictable real-time delays.

Priority. Tasks can now run at one of four scheduling priorities: system-critical, real-time, normal processing, and background. Real-time and heavy number cruncher tasks can coexist.

Data types. When data types matter, you can pick the appropriate type to perform your processing: short integers, long integers, floating point, or double precision.

Validation. The DAPL command interpreter applies new download-time parameter list validation to detect configuration errors previously undetectable before execution.

Revised processing. The processing command library is completely rewritten and optimized for the xDAP system environment. Some new features are added as well.

The price? You get a copy of DAPL 3000 with each xDAP system you buy, at no extra charge. You can download a copy now if you wish...

View the DAPL 3000 press release.