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Instead try DAP Measurement Studio (DAPstudio), a PC application that provides user interface features without requiring any Windows programming. DAPstudio also offers a rich development environment: it presents you with each software tool you need at the very moment you need it, at every stage in the development process. DAPstudio lets you develop applications quickly and easily, using the full DAPL command set. In most cases you really need no other software to develop and run any application.

DAPview for Windows is Legacy software, not compatible with Windows 10 (or later) systems. This PC application, like DAPstudio, provided user interface features without requiring Windows programming. It did not provide as complete a development environment as DAPstudio, however.

DAPview for Windows, running on a PC under Windows, provides a standard way to implement a data acquisition application on a Data Acquisition Processor without doing any Windows programming.

By clicking on icons, you can open windows that allow you to edit the command list, interact with the DAP, and log data to disk. The full functionality of DAPview is provided, with point-and-click convenience.

DAPview for Windows Help includes the complete DAPL Manual for on-line reference. This and other DAP-specific features make DAPview for Windows an excellent prototyping and development tool for data acquisition and control applications implemented on a DAP.

Tested applications can be completed for distribution as turnkey systems under the DAPview for Windows runtime package with no additional Windows programming required.

Tested applications also can be rounded out with a GUI written in Visual Basic.

Display Window Types

Graph icon Graphs (3K)
Bar icon Indicators (2K)
Digital icon Meters (1K)
Table icon Tables (2K)

Customization of DAPview for Windows

An application may contain many windows of several types, customized as needed. Data from one source can be displayed in several different windows, or logged to disk while being displayed.

A DAPview for Windows workspace can be saved to run later. Different Turnkey operations have different workspaces. Each workspace can be associated with a distinct Windows icon to create a custom application.

DAPview for Windows is an effective way to package applications for data acquisition and control. Developers can buy low-cost runtime packages so their users can run applications without buying DAPview for Windows.


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