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DAPtools 3.xx CD Upgrades

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The current major release of DAPtools is 6.40.

Customers with DAPtools CDs version 3.00, 3.01, 3.02, 3.10, 3.20, 3.40, 3.41, and 3.50 can upgrade directly to version 3.51. Find out what is new in version 3.51.

Trying to determine if you have the most recent upgrade? The upgrades were posted on the following dates.

  • upgrade to 3.51 posted 25 August 2003
  • upgrade to 3.50 posted 17 June 2003
  • upgrade to 3.41 posted 21 February 2003
  • upgrade to 3.40 posted 27 November 2002
  • upgrade to 3.20 posted 10 April 2002

This download is currently available only upon request. Contact us.

The CDUPGRD.EXE program allows you to upgrade an older version of the DAPtools CD to a newer version. You need the following three files and the original DAPtools CD to perform the upgrade.

  • Patch file of the form TXXX_YYY.RTP (see Instructions, step 1)


  1. Download the appropriate self-extracting zip file to a temporary directory, referred to here as <TEMPDIR>, and run it. The naming convention for the self-extracting zip file is as follows: TXXX_YYY.EXE.
    • The first letter T is the DAPtools CD type where 'B' is for DAPtools Basic, 'S' is for DAPtools Standard and 'P' is for DAPtools Professional.
    • XXX is the old version, i.e. if you have version 3.00 of the DAPtools CD then XXX is 300.
    • YYY is the new version to upgrade to, i.e. if you want to upgrade to version 3.51 then YYY is 351.
    • When you run TXXX_YYY.EXE, it will extract the three files listed above: CDUPGRD.EXE, MSLPATCH.DLL, and TXXX_YYY.RTP.
    For example, if you have the DAPtools Basic 3.00 CD and you want to upgrade to DAPtools Basic 3.51, the file you download is B300_351.EXE. You can only upgrade within the same CD type (DAPtools Basic <OldVer> to DAPtools Basic <NewVer>, etc.) and cannot upgrade from one CD type to another (DAPtools Basic <OldVer> to DAPtools Standard <NewVer>, etc.).
  2. Insert the DAPtools CD type that you have (DAPtools Basic, DAPtools Standard or DAPtools Professional) into the CD-ROM drive.
  4. Specify the entire directory and file name of the patch file in 'Patch File Name'.
  5. Specify the 'Destination Directory', referred to here as <DESTDIR>, to copy the DAPtools CD image and apply the patch.
  6. Select the 'Run Setup Launcher After Upgrade' checkbox if you want to automatically run the Setup Launcher after a successful upgrade.
  7. Select the 'Upgrade' button. If successful, you will see 'Status: Completed upgrade'.
  8. If you chose not to automatically run the Setup Launcher in step 6, you can manually run it at any time from <DESTDIR>\SETUP.EXE.

Read more about what is included in the different DAPtools packages or contact us to purchase a DAPtools Standard or DAPtools Professional CD. The current major release of DAPtools Basic, version 6.40, may be downloaded here.