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In response to the many requests from customers, Microstar Laboratories offers system integration services for data acquisition applications.

Because no two applications are the same, Microstar Laboratories is here to learn about your specific requirements and provide the services you need with careful attention to quality at a fair price.

Services Available

Microstar Laboratories can provide a wide range of services to help your application succeed. Here are some of the areas where we provide excellent service.

DAPserver PC-based Test Products

The DAPserver 500 and the DAPserver 500R – the latter for rugged environments – represent the start of a new product line: a family of DAPserver test, measurement, and control products. Each DAPserver comes preloaded with Linux or Windows and DAPcell network server software, ready for application development.


We can help specify sensors for your system. We have experience with thermocouple, RTD, pressure, strain, vibration, current, light, and other sensors.

Connectors and wiring

Often an overlooked part of systems, connectors and wiring are an important element. We can help specify and deliver high quality connection systems.


We can provide a wide range of quality enclosures, most of which are CE rated.

  • Industrial rack mount
  • Desktop
  • Single board enclosures
  • NEMA 4 environmental enclosures

We also can provide special labeling for connectors and other customization.

Signal conditioning

Microstar Laboratories manufactures a wide range of signal conditioning boards. We can configure Microstar Laboratories hardware products and can specify signal conditioning hardware from other sources.

Take a look at our signal conditioning system for the iDSC 1816.

Hardware integration

We can supply hardware integration with PC components to meet your computing and communication requirements.

Data acquisition

We can configure and optimize a Data Acquisition Processor for your system.

Real-time processing

We can help implement any real-time processing and control that your application requires.

Digital signal processing

A Data Acquisition Processor does a great job with signal processing. We can help implement special processing requirements for your application.

Custom commands

We can create custom commands that perform the exact operations required. We specialize in writing custom commands and can provide a great value.

User interface

We can supply standard and customized user interface software based on your specifications. We have experience in high-speed graphical display and in high-speed disk logging.

Custom software development

For the special requirements of your system, whether large or small, we can add our experience to yours to provide highly reliable solutions. We can provide special software in many areas:

  • Real-time numerical processing
  • Real-time control systems
  • Digital signal processing
  • High-speed data collection, display, and disk logging
  • Monitoring and testing systems
  • DLL creation
  • Device drivers for UNIX (SGI Indigo2 driver, for example)

Distributed systems

We can provide complete solutions for distributed data acquisition on an ethernet network.


We have several options for training. We have regular training sessions for customers to come to our facility for in depth training. We also can make special arrangements to come to your facility for training.


Microstar Laboratories has manufactured data acquisition and computer equipment since 1982. Along the way we have built up a knowledgeable friendly staff of engineers, all thoroughly familiar with Data Acquisition Processor boards and programming. This staff has developed, over time, the ability to communicate well, maintain high quality, and provide advanced technical services. These services range from training, to custom commands written in C, to complete turnkey systems.


Microstar Laboratories has a special commitment to quality. We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers:

  • pleasant no-pressure interaction when discussing the details of the service
  • complete quality of the service -- we use a well defined process for maintaining quality; this includes specification, planning, development, and certification
  • we are especially careful to define expectations and work hard to meet them without surprises
  • fair price -- often we can provide a high-quality solution at a lower cost than work done in-house or elsewhere

Contact Us

If you are considering a project, send us a request for information on how we can provide cost-effective services for your system. We are interested to hear what you are doing with data acquisition.


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