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DAPtools for MATLAB

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DAPtools for MATLAB allows a user to communicate with a Data Acquisition Processor using the MATLAB programming environment. It integrates the processing power of a Data Acquisition Processor with the powerful technical computing environment of MATLAB.

MATLAB performs high-level numeric computation and visualization of data sets. DAPtools for MATLAB allows acquired and processed data from a Data Acquisition Processor to be further manipulated and molded under MATLAB. This extends the capabilities of data manipulation to suit the specific requirements of an application.

DAPtools for MATLAB version 4 supports MATLAB version 6.0 or later. This version includes some additional functions relating to DAPIO32 for Windows. Features include server disk logging and the ability to handle a matrix of data, the most common use of data type in MATLAB. The latest version also includes improved product documentation.

Order DAPtools Standard with your DAP board purchase to receive DAPtools for MATLAB.


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