Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

High-Speed I/O

data acquisition filtering data acquisition software channel architecture enclosures services

Give yourself a performance margin: 10M samples/sec

Onboard Intelligence

Network Access

From an entry-level system, right through synchronized multiple-board applications that acquire data at 10M samples per second per board, onboard intelligence preserves data integrity and gives you a performance margin:

  • top sampling rates
  • buffer management
  • transfer protocols
  • fail-safe procedure

Never lose data again – even at the maximum sampling rate for each board. Onboard intelligence continually monitors all data buffers, follows an established protocol for data transfers, and as a fail-safe, stops acquiring data when the buffers fill up – and before they overflow.

Using DAPcell server PCs, networked systems can acquire data and log to disk at rates higher than 50M samples per second. Onboard intelligence takes care of all the details.