Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Network Access for Data Acquisition & Control

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Sample and control ...anywhere, anytime

Onboard Intelligence

External Expansion

High-Speed I/O

User Interface

You can log in anywhere on a network at any time to control any DAP board on that network. DAPcell software lets you do this.

  • DAPcell server software
  • almost unlimited scalability
  • DAPcell client software
  • remote operation – no code change

DAPcell server software runs on a PC and communicates with the onboard intelligence on the DAPs in that PC. A network – dedicated to data acquisition and control, or shared with other applications – may include as many of these PCs as needed.

With DAPcell client sofware on your PC, you can run a network application of almost unlimited scale using DAPcell server-side disk logging. Some applications – like this acoustic-imaging project – seem beyond the scope of PCs until you know about DAPcell.

  • synchronized systems
  • network traffic minimized
  • standard PC user interface

Onboard intelligence can synchronize DAPs on different PCs to form a single system with hundreds of simultaneously sampled channels. Services like onboard data reduction and DAPcell server-side disk logging minimize network traffic.

DAPcell client software supports any standard PC user interface anywhere on the network. So DAPcell lets you move your system to a remote configuraton without rewriting your code. DAPcell server software lets you scale your system to more channels with no performance penalty.