Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

DAPserver Scalable Modular System

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Isolated Analog Inputs + Isolated Analog Outputs + DAPserver

built-in signal interface rack

data acquisition processor boards

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isolated analog inputs

optional isolated analog outputs

DAPserver with isolation

Isolated Signal Interface Modules

DAPserver PC-Based Test Products

Data Acquisition Board DAP 5216a

Add an Ethernet cable and you have a remote data acquisition system. Add a keyboard, pointing device, and monitor and you have a complete on-site workstation, as well as a full-service data acquisition system.

Network-Ready Data Acquisition with Channel-to-Channel Isolation

SMS SG32 for Strain Gauge Sensors

For an off-the-shelf data acquisition system that solves the problems of ground loops and timing skew that plague so many applications, check out the new scalable modular system (SMS) products. The new SMS I64 shown here consists of software preloaded on a DAPserver with up to two DAP boards connected to eight input signal interface (SI) modules and two output SI modules in a 3U card-cage – all in the same enclosure. Sample up to 64 differential inputs simultaneously with 16-bit resolution and channel-to-channel isolation.


The DAPserver and DAPserver "R" models – the latter for rugged environments – serve as fully integrated test, measurement, and control products. Built with experience gained over many years of integrating third-party hardware, these high-performance combined systems are now available as standard products, with the built-in value and quality engineering that go with all Microstar Laboratories systems.

Each DAPserver comes preloaded with Linux or Windows, ready for installation of application software. A DAPserver mounts in an industry-standard 19-inch rack, and includes a SATA hard drive. DAPcell client software can request data acquisition or control services, from DAP boards on any DAPserver, from any workstation connected to the same network. Input and output design conforms to Microstar Laboratories Channel Architecture.

Channel-to-Channel Isolation

Channel-to-channel isolation eliminates ground currents, a potential source of noise in your measurements and in your output signals.

In the SMS I64, the factory-installed input SI modules, part number MSXB 080, provide isolated analog inputs. All inputs are differential, and each analog channel is isolated from all others and from any other system component.

The optional output SI modules, part number MSXB 076, provide isolated analog outputs. Each analog channel is isolated from all others and from any other system component.

Get more details about the DAPserver system or talk to us about how we can put together customized modular systems for your projects.