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Isolated 16-Bit Analog Inputs: MSXB 080

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When you need simultaneous analog inputs protected from noise

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MSXB 080 PDF Manual

Configuration Software Manual

Configuration Software

The MSXB 080 Isolated 16-Bit Analog Input Signal Interface (SI) Module provides

  • differential inputs
  • programmable gain
  • simultaneous sampling
  • channel-to-channel isolation

MSXB 080 provides isolated analog inputs for DAP systems. Use these SI modules to eliminate ground currents – a potential source of noise in your measurement and control signals – and eliminate timing skew.

The eight onboard converters are synchronized to within a few nanoseconds of each other, and each one converts an analog signal to a 16-bit data stream at up to 250k samples/second for a total throughput of two million samples per second.

For high-speed analog inputs, use the MSXB 082.

All inputs are differential, and each analog channel is isolated from all the others and from any other system component.

You can set the gain of each channel to 1, 2, 5, or 10 in software, and channels can have different gains. Each module offers high signal density and enables high channel counts.

Up to eight of these analog input SI modules can be connected to a single DAP board for a total of 64 simultaneously sampled analog inputs. SI modules connected to multiple DAP boards can be synchronized for more inputs or higher throughput. Contact Microstar Laboratories for more information.

MSXB 080-01 is installed in an Industrial Enclosure and uses a DB-37 connector or BNC connectors. Stand-Alone and Single-Board Enclosure models also are available.

Industrial Enclosure compatible models

  • MSXB 080-01-E3E8-B: 8 insulated BNC connectors
  • MSXB 080-01-E3K: DB-37 panel
  • Other panel options are available.

Stand-Alone and Single-Board-Enclosure models

Channel-to-Channel and Channel-to-PC Isolation – MSXB080

analog input isolation diagram