Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Channel Architecture with DAP 5400a or DAP 5380a

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A system based on the DAP 5400a board or the DAP 5380a board can use any of the following Eurocards, enclosures, and cables.

  • Eurocards
    • MSTB 009: Analog Termination Boards
    • MSTB 011: Analog Termination Boards with DB37 Connectors
  • Enclosures
  • Cables
    • 68-Line Cables & Kits (Analog), ribbon or round & shielded
    • 100-Line Cables & Kits (Digital), ribbon or round & shielded
    • Cable Adapters
    • Special Cables & Kits
      • MSCBL015-01: Synchronization (master/slave) cable for multi-DAP system
      • Contact us for other options.

Industrial enclosures also include an appropriate selection of the following boards. These backplane and interface boards are not usually purchased separately.

Do you need a specific function added to your DAP system? Browse the function list. Or use the overview table.

Do you know the part number of the signal interface board you need? Browse the part number list.

Looking for an unlisted model number? Contact us for more information, or look for technical notes, about other Eurocards.