Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

HD-62 Connector

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The HD-62 connector provides high-density connections for digital signals. For a mating connector, use MSCBL 109-01K, the 62-line discrete wire cable kit for high-density D-sub connectors.

MSCBL 112-01 provides the simplest way to connect small numbers of digital input and output signals to most Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) boards. MSCBL 112-01 is placed inside the PC, in the slot next to the DAP board. MSCBL 112-01 is connected to the DAP board's 100-line digital input/output port through a ribbon cable (included) and is connected to external digital signals through an HD-62 connector.

For many applications the MSCBL 112-01 with its HD-62 connector is a simpler, smaller, and less expensive alternative to the combination of an MSCBL 076 adapter board, a 100-line cable, and a termination board.

For larger numbers of digital inputs, the MSXB 038-11 Digital Expansion Board uses an HD-62 connector for its digital inputs and outputs. Several Digital Expansion Boards can be connected to a single DAP for a total of 128 digital input lines and 1024 digital output lines.