Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Examples Of Connected Systems

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This page presents a number of typical integrated hardware systems, featuring Microstar Laboratories Channel Architecture. Most applications will be – or at least start out – very much like the configurations described here. You can view configuration drawings in a separate browser window.

basic measurement

Accurate differential measurements of a few waveform signals with good signal quality.

An MSTB 009 Analog Termination board provides connections for up to 16 single-ended or 8 differential signals. Use differential signals for immunity from common mode disturbances. Continuous shielding is maintained, from enclosure through to the Data Acquisition Processor board. View drawing.

many channels

Moderate rate acquisition on over 100 analog signal channels.

Use multiple MSXB 037 Analog Expansion boards. There are too many connectors to fit on the panel of a single industrial enclosure, so split the signals into two groups and connect the backplanes of two enclosures. View drawing.

multiple boards

High-speed, multi-channel sampling with multiple Data Acquisition Processors, using a common sampling clock.

Let each Data Acquisition Processor process a limited number of channels but at very high speeds. Each DAP uses its own analog bus. Clocking is synchronized using a master/slave connection cable. View drawing.

simultaneous sampling

Moderately fast sampling on many channels, with all channels sampled at exactly the same instants.

Use multiple MSXB 028 simultaneous sampling boards. They mount into the analog backplane of an industrial enclosure the same as MSXB 009 analog termination boards. View drawing.

ultimate quality

Good ground isolation, high sampling precision, highly selective filtering, zero aliasing artifacts, multiple channels sampled simultaneously.

This difficult combination of requirements for highest possible measurement quality is met perfectly using iDSC 1816 Data Acquisition Processors, with MSXB 042 Analog Termination boards providing the isolation. View drawing.

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