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Control Applications and Techniques

Measure response — Control response

The secret to high-performance data acquisition and control systems in a PC environment is onboard intelligence.

new Implementing Automatic Controls Using DAP Boards

Tuning PID Control by Simulation

First Realistic Off-Vehicle Testing of Transmission Components

PID Control Sample

Control Loops < 50us

Online Self-Tuning PID Controller
A combination of old and new technology extends the self-tuning controller to full PID tuning.

PID Tuning Rules, Watch Your Step
While many PID control loops are adequately tuned using time-honored heuristic rules, beware of the hazards.

Building PID Controls in Software
Learn how to implement basic and extended PID controls in software.

Online Self-Tuning PI Controller
Try this with your ladder-logic PLC – a PI-controller that tests and tunes itself online.

PIDZ – Extended PID with Overshoot Control
Adjust command gain and feedback gain independently, for better PID response to level changes without sacrificing regulation.

From PID to Fuzzy Control – Cautiously
If fuzzy controllers seem to offer opportunities for process improvement, no need to abandon everything that PID controls offer.

Nonlinear and changing
When your problem is really tough, you really need onboard intelligence. An example from a batch fed bio-reactor application.

Performance that optimizes itself
Let adaptive feedforward compensation work with your feedback controls to improve trajectory tracking automatically.

Configuring high-performance PID
Simple configuration makes high-performance acquisition and signal generation hardware serve as a multi-channel control node.

Engine Speed Monitoring: The Alpha-Beta Filter
Interpolate dynamic response from sparse samples continuously using the alpha-beta filtering technique.

Self-testing control loops
When simplistic tuning rules are unreliable, consider a controller that tests its own loop gain and phase response automatically.

When one feedback isn't enough
Use observer techniques and your process knowledge to reconstruct unavailable signals from signals that you can measure well.

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