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DSP Applications and Techniques

Bulk samples in — quality measurements out.

Streamline your applications with real-time Data Acquisition Processor power.

DSP Commands

DAPL IIR Filter Module

Anti-Alias Module


Multi-Channel Filtering
Specify one digital filter, apply it to many signal channels with one processing task.


Anti-Aliasing: the Digital Way
A self-configuring all-digital filter that outperforms (and usually eliminates) anti-alias filtering hardware — here's how it works.


High-Performance 1/3 Octave Analysis
Combine the xDAP sampling engine with a versatile new FFT to perform high-accuracy, multi-channel 1/3 octave spectral analysis.


Configurable Sonar Chirp Generation
Generate optimized pulse shapes for sonar surveys, using a combination of intelligent onboard processing and output updating.


Human Factors in Real Time
Compensate for frequency sensitivity of human hearing in real time, using standard "A-weight" research-grade digital filters.


Power Harmonic Analysis - Easier and Better
Data Acquisition Processor boards tame what is ordinarily considered a difficult power system measurement problem.

Better Data Quality for Less Effort
Get effective anti-alias filtering by combining the best features of analog and digital filters.

Lining Up the Dots
Get the benefits of simultaneous sampling without the costs of redundant hardware using classic, efficient filtering techniques.

Focusing on Frequency
Use Goertzel filtering to seek out one frequency — and one frequency alone — with ruthless efficiency and precision.

Download DSP, Control, or the Harmonic Analysis modules.