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Analog Termination for iDSC Boards: MSXB 042

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Your iDSC 1816 quick-connect solution

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iDSC 1816

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The MSXB 042 Analog Termination Board allows quick and secure connection of discrete wires to the iDSC 1816 Board.

MSXB 042 includes locations to install voltage divider resistors and 0-20mA termination resistors, as well as a Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) circuit for thermocouple applications.

Bare Board Options

These bare board models require cable MSCBL 048-01.

  • MSXB 042-01-C1Z: Wago connection points, D connector

Single-Board Enclosure Options

These single-board enclosure models require cable MSCBL 048-01.

  • MSXB 042-01-C1C-B: enclosed, Wago connection points, 20 insulated BNC connections

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