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Data Acquisition Articles

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Techniques for Data Acquisition

Optimize high channel count, high data rate, high accuracy, highly-integrated measurement systems.

Data Acquisition Hardware

Data Acquisition Software

Control Techniques

Input Triggering & Timing

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Temperature Measurements
Use Data Acquisition Processor boards with a variety of temperature sensors – this section discusses measuring temperatures in multichannel applications, surveying sensor types, calibration, and applications.

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Timing for Rotating Equipment
Use the MSXB 036 Timer/Counter to monitor elapsed time while rotating machinery is measured using an optical encoder.

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Intelligent Data Selection
A 6-part article on DAP software triggering shows how intelligent data selection delivers just the data you need. PDF

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Effective Data Reduction
Reducing bulk data to essential information uses resources wisely and simplifies data acquisition applications. PDF

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Benchmarking — Throughput Capacity
Measure tradeoffs between the number of channels, data rates, and on-board processing when capacity requirements conflict. PDF

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Benchmarking — Response Latency
Measure the time delays you can expect between event detection and the delivery of results. PDF