Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Control from Microstar Laboratories

Channel Architecture Overview

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System Architecture


DAP Architecture





overview of the dap system channel architecture

The Channel Architecture Overview — End-to-End Integration

Architecture Element Role
Signal Transfer Interface modules and cable kits help with connections that will preserve your signal quality. Or ask for drawings so that you can manufacture your own.
Interconnection The channel architecture supports multi-channel acquisition with an array of termination boards with filtering options.
Capture The Data Acquisition Processor captures data and generates output signals autonomously, configured and controlled by DAPL software.
Processing Independent tasks can run concurrently on the DAP processor, selecting data intelligently, reducing masses of samples to required information.
Transfer Bus DAP processing and bus interface electronics buffer data and transfer data to the host intelligently, maximizing the capacity of the interface bus.
Server Data are provided to applications at the process level, so there is no direct interaction with DAP or host hardware.
Host Use your own workstation systems, or ready-to-run completely integrated packages that cover all hardware down to the signal connections.
Network DAPs are addressable network resources. Use your existing networking for remote access and data storage.