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Isolated Outputs, 4-20 mA Current Loops : MSXB 074

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When you need a transmitter for 4-20 mA current loops

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Configuration Software Manual

Configuration Software

The MSXB 074 Isolated 4-20 mA Current Loop Output module provides isolated current outputs for DAP systems. Transmit signals on up to eight 4-20 mA current loops for real-time control of machinery or process equipment, or for automated test of sensors and process equipment. Each module is calibrated for current outputs.

MSXB 074 includes eight loop-powered current outputs, each with its own ground, isolated from the PC. The actual range is 0-24 mA, and this extended range lets you use the product to test any of your 4-20 mA circuits: 0 mA simulates an open circuit and 24 mA is 20% over the normal range.

Like other SI modules, MSXB 074 connects to a DAP board directly controlled by a PC or by a DAPserver. The DAP can send dynamic signals to the current outputs on the MSXB 074 SI module at an aggregate update rate as high as 1M updates/second.

Connect multiple Isolated 4-20 mA Current Loop Output modules to a single DAP board for high-channel-count systems.

For a complete current loop test system, add the Isolated 4-20 mA Input module MSXB 086.

MSXB 074 is usually installed in an Industrial Enclosure and uses a DB-37 connector. Other options are available.

Industrial Enclosure compatible models

  • MSXB 074-01-E3K-F: female DB-37 connector panel
  • Other panel options are available.

Stand-Alone and Single-Board-Enclosure models

Channel-to-Channel and Channel-to-PC Isolation – MSXB074

current output isolation diagram